Bangle Word are defined by Hindi Word Bangli, Bangli Means Glass. Many Kind of Material is used to make Bangles.

The Art of making “LAC BANGLES”  is unique to India.

Lac is a thick semi-solid gummy substance acquired from a female insect (bug) named ‘Tachardia lacca‘ on trees in the forests of India.

Lac, is further heated so that the impurities settle down and can be removed easily. To this molten Lac, which is originally brick red in color, the bangle makers further add wax , titanium  and coloring agents. Generally the volume of lac varies from 5% to 95% and is highly instrumental in determining the quality of the Lac bangles.

The Rajasthani marriage rituals require specific traditional ornaments and different festivals have different ensembles related to them.

 the sale of these bangles surges during wedding and local celebrations such as Teej, Karva Chauth and Holi.

Bangles Making Process

Lac  is pasted on a wooden stick and rolled over a flat surface to make it into a cylindrical shape. The  lac is then heated slowly over the coal burner. The heated lac is continuously pressed and rolled over the flat iron plate with the help of wooden tool.Colourful lac is heated simultaneously and then applied evenly by rubbing it on the lac. Once the color has been applied to the lac base it is again shaped into a coil and cut off from the plain lac rod.

Bangles Width defined as per the design incorporated on the bangle. Brass or steel is used as base for the lac. The metals are first converted in the shape of the bangles and the thin lac coil is rolled on the brass or steel base.

The thickness and the length of the coil approximately depend on the final shape and size of the bangles. The semi-finished bangle is slipped into a round wooden beam with a tapering end for adjusting to the proper shape. The bangles are then kept aside for drying.


Desing of Lac Bangles

Green LAC Chudi With Gold Platted LAC Bangles



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