Wooden Craft

Wooden Chowki 

 Wooden Weaving Chokwi is a natural way to decorate your home. wooden craft is traditional art and weaving is method of texttile production in which to distinct set of Yarns or Threads are Interlaced at right angles to form a Fabric.

We are Manufacturer of a Wide range of Traditional Art Wooden Weaving Chowki




Weaving is a Traditional Art. Which made by Local Artisan's. We are offer to Different-Different Desing of Weaving Pattern Like as Chess Borad Pattern, Flower Pattern and Wave Pattern With Different- Different Color. 

Division of Labour & Artisan’s

There are 10-15 Artisan With 2-3 Labour Working With Us. All Artisan have same place. Our Leader Applied an Organized Process to Making Wooden  Chowki.

These are some Steps to Divided by Labour & Artisan’s:

Fresh the Rassi (Rope Material)

Frame Creation as per Required

Rope Winding Both Edges

Weaving Expert, Full Fill Weaving Part.

Finish touching


After It Crafts Man Start The Weaving With Desire Rassi and Color .

Then Crafts Man Starting The Winding from Bottom Side and finish it.


Work Environment

We started with organized process. What do we want we discuss with our team and Inspire and motivate by sharing our thought. Work together as team take list of priorities and organized all task. Next we & our team member create an organized planning start manufacturing with Artisan’s.

Ensure proper training and schedule regular task check INS. After that selecting Weaving pattern design and product likes as WOODEN CHOWkI.


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